ASCO RedHat Solenoid Valve 8210G34


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ASCO, Automatic Switch Company, was found in 1888 as an elevator, compressor, and generator controls company. But with the invention of the solenoid valve, the ability for engineers to autonomously control the flow of fluid in a system, in 1910 a whole new line of products was introduced to the company. The new products include two position on/off valves to entire flow control systems. 

With the ever increase of new customer applications and demands ASCO began producing air-operated valves, manual reset valves, and pressure and temperature switches in the 1970s. In 1985 ASCO was acquired by a leading industrial corporation called Emerson. Emerson would go on to combine the purchased Joucomatic brand, a lead pneumatic valve provider in Europe, with the ASCO family. 

Coming full circle, in 2008 Emerson merged with the ASCO and Numatics companies to become ASCO Numatics. A now unified business that offered comprehensive flow control and pneumatics solutions for a wide range of industry-focused application. Finally, in 2016 the entire brand was brought under the umbrella of the ASCO brand, setting the stage of the company’s next period of growth. But on November 1,  2017 ASCO was acquired by Schneider Electric.

A solenoid valve is an electronically operated valve that replaces a manual valve and may be controlled remotely. There are two basic parts to a solenoid valve; a solenoid, a cylindrical coil of wires that acts as a magnet when charged, and the valve body. When the solenoid is energized or de energized the change allows the valve to either open or close. Solenoid valves are often seen in industrial applications such as car washes, laundry equipment, air compressors, industrial water control plants, pumps, and many other OEM applications. Solenoid valves are extremely versatile.


ASCO RedHat Solenoid Valve 8210G34:

• ASCO RedHat
• 8210G34
• Solenoid Valve
• 1/2″
• 120V
• 2-way


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