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Boston Gear was found in 1877 and is owned by Altra Industrial Motion. Boston Gear offers an extensive array of more than 30,000 standard products and the combined  option to custom engineer unique solutions when necessary. Boston Gear is a globally recognized brand for its extremely reliable, high-performing power transmission components. Product lines include everything from standard gear drives, custom speed reducers, AC/DC motors, DC drives, and Centric brand overload clutch and torque limiters. Boston Gear products may be found in a number of unique/key markets such as food processing, material handling, corrugating machinery, and packaging equipment. Altra Industrial Motion is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticket symbol AIMC.

Speed reducers, often called gear reducers, serve primarily two purposes. One, take the toque created by the power source (input) and multiply it. Second, much as the name implies, reduce the speed of the input so the output is correct. A gear reducer is located between the motor and machinery being used to control the speed with which power is transmitted. So, how does a speed reducer increase the torque while decreasing speed? Gear teeth. The output gear of a speed reducer has more teeth than the input gear. So, while the output gear might rotate more slowly, reducing the speed input, the torque is increased. Simply put, take input power source and increase torque while decreasing speed.

Boston Gear Reducer FWC326-150-01

• Boston Gear
• FWC326-150-01
• FWC32615001
• 300 series
• Speed Reducer
• Gear Reducer
• Ratio: 150:1
• Manufacturer Reducer size : 326
• Double reduction
• right angle shaft flanged reducer (Quill types) with projecting output shaft.

Weight 60 lbs

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