Keyence Sensor Amplifier EG-520


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Keyence Corporation was founded in 1974 in Osaka, Japan and specializes in factory automation. Ranging in everything from photoelectric and proximity sensors to measuring instruments for inspection lines and high precision microscopes used in institutions. Keyence not only manufacturers high end parts but specializes in product planning and development and does not manufacture the final products. These products are produced at contract qualifying manufacturing companies. Keyence is a direct sales organization that develops automation sensors, vision systems, barcode readers, laser markers, measuring instruments, and digital microscopes.

A servo drive, or amplifier, provides a controlled amount of voltage to the servomotor based on predetermined controller settings.This is used to power electric servomechanisms and monitors the feedback from the motor encoder to adjust for any deviations or unexpected behavior.

Keyence Amplifier EG-520:

• Keyence
• EG-520
• EG520
• Amplifier
• Sensor Amplifier
• DC
• Control output: 40v max
• Response Time: 1ms
• Power Consumption: 100mA max

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