Mitsubishi Electric Control Module AD75M2


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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is located in Japan and specializes in electronics and manufacturing electrical equipment for many industries. Even though it shares a name and common heritage with nearly a dozen of Japan’s largest industrial concerns, Mitsubishi Electric is an independent company. Like Mitsubishi Chemical, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and the Mitsubishi Bank, Mitsubishi Electric is often confused as a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Shoji, the giant trading company. Although legally and organizationally separate, the Mitsubishi companies do form a group whose partners share market information and often extend preferential terms to each other in business dealings.

Some of the most common industrial and commercial applications rely on the precision and efficiency of servomotors to perform daily and repetitive tasks. Because of the reliance on precision and accuracy is so necessary these type of applications are often limited to a closed-loop system.  A closed-loop system allows for a highly regulated and automated process to be set with no human interaction. A display screen is used as GUI for humans to monitor the input and feedback of the system. A servo controller is used to track the command inputs and improve the system’s disturbance rejection. An amplifier, often referred to as the servo-drive or servo-amplifier, provides a controlled amount of voltage to the motor based on predetermined controller settings. Ultimately, the information is fed to the servomotor. Feedback is then provided via the encoder, often built into the servomotor, and acts as a sensor providing speed and positional feedback of the motor shaft. The beauty of this contained system is that it allows for precise control throughout the system while continuously providing feedback of the speed, acceleration, and position of the motor shaft.


Mitsubishi Electric Control Module AD75M2:

• Mitsubishi
• AD75M2
• Programmable Controller
• Positioning Control Module
• Pulse / mm / inch / degree
• 4 channel
• 36 pin connection sscnet

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